Stakes Get Higher for Canadians to Challenge Healthcare System

Longwoods Publishing – a well-respected health-care publisher – has announced that it will provide $5,000 to support the recently launched People-Centred Health Challenge. This new funding support will permit the challenge sponsor, the Canadian Association for People-Centred Health (CAPCH) to augment the total award money available to $22,500 and to offer a special award for the best student submission.

“An additional $5,000 has been set aside for the best and most deserving submission from a student enrolled fulltime in an accredited educational institution,” said Anton Hart of Longwoods Publishing.

The People-Centred Health Challenge is asking Canadians to submit their ideas about how they’d reform their healthcare system. CAPCH is looking for innovative and progressive ideas to help reshape our healthcare so it can be more responsive to the needs of Canadians.

Current healthcare in Canada is system-centred and based on addressing illness rather than supporting health. As a result it is no longer serving the needs of people as well as it could. In response CAPCH is seeking ideas from individual Canadian citizens regarding how they would like to see the system improved and how it can better meet Canadian values. The challenge is open to anyone who would like to submit a proposal aimed at helping to create a more people- or patient-centred health system. Ideas from health groups, students, health professionals, patients, concerned Canadians or people outside Canada are welcome.

Dr. Vaughan Glover, author of Journey to Wellness (Hushion House 2005) and co-founder of CAPCH, hopes to help the Canadian system become more comprehensive while minimizing unacceptable wait times and inherent threats to safety. Instead of focusing on illness, he believes the system must include prevention and wellness care in a holistic approach acknowledging patients’ mental, physical, spiritual and emotional well-being.

“We need to define what the system should achieve, and design a model that supports all aspects of health. We are reaching out for ideas - since I believe that a system for the people, by the people, will address the crisis we find ourselves in,” said Dr. Glover.

First Place Award for the People-Centred Health Challenge is $10,000. Second is $5,000 and Third, $2,500. The additional $5,000 has been set aside for the best submission from a student enrolled fulltime in an accredited educational institution.

Entry forms are available at Complete proposals must be received by November 30, 2006.

The Canadian Association for People-Centred Health is a not-for-profit, non-partisan, national grassroots organization committed to researching, designing and implementing reforms which can help the Canadian health system become more responsive to the needs of Canadians.

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