Bluetooth Devices for Chronic Disease Management

Collaborators: University Health Network, Health Technology Exchange, York University and NexJ Systems Inc.

This project illustrates the ability to manage chronic disease using a remote monitoring platform, health coaching, and an integrated health record. UHN Health Technology Exchange engineers will work with NexJ Systems engineers to develop an in-home monitoring solution for patients with chronic illnesses via smartphones. RIM donated devices for the patients and Rogers donated the data plan.

Specifically, lower socioeconomic strata (SES) diabetic patients will use BlackBerry devices to engage with their health coaches supervised by their primary care providers (PCPs). The technology will integrate the BlackBerry device with assisted, home-based/mobile remote monitoring glucometers/blood pressure devices, and with a motivating health promotion program that consists of health coaching, active primary care, and self- management. Care providers will use the software to monitor patient status and assist in the proactive management of chronic conditions.

Patients remotely monitor blood sugar and blood pressures transmitted over Bluetooth to a patient BlackBerry smartphone. The measurements are simultaneously transmitted to the integrated health record. The system delivers immediate reinforcement, support, instructions, reminders and suggestions to improve self-care through targeted behaviour change protocols.

The project will also refine the interfaces and programs for the low SES sector. The completed software will undergo usability testing with diabetic participants, conducted by Dr. Ritvo, in simulated environments at the UHN labs, and in field-testing at the Black Creek CHC with low SES diabetic patients, supervised by health coaches and physicians.

At the end of this project, the system will be market ready and have functionality unavailable elsewhere in the marketplace. The system will be the first to:

  • Demonstrate remote patient monitoring integrated with existing PHR, EMR, and EHR products.
  • Use a full enterprise-grade decision support engine.
  • Be a fully scalable system, able to be deployed in large quantities
  • Be directly deployed to the consumer without provider intervention.
  • Use Bluetooth RPM solutions for diabetes, built using open standards (Continua Health Alliance)
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