Provider Credentialing

Collaborators: North York General Hospital and NexJ Systems Inc.

The Physician Credentialing & Repository Project was established to provide functionality that supports jurisdictional and organizational requirements to credential new and re-credential existing physicians. This functionality can be extended to credential other healthcare providers as required. North York General Hospital and NexJ Systems collaborated to create a solution that provides:

  • Flexible healthcare professional profiles for providers and organizations, including custom fields and categories, a complete record of interactions, advanced searching across multiple integrated systems, ability to define relationship hierarchies between providers and organizations, and the ability to group providers and organizations for reporting and batch communications purposes.
  • Interaction management for healthcare administrators and providers, including tasks to track priorities and activity deadlines, task delegation capabilities, scheduling capabilities, and the ability to keep an accurate, paperless trail of all correspondence and forms related to a provider or organization through the credentialing process.
  • Credentialing activity plans and workflows for automating business processes across multiple facilities or groups.
  • Document management and distribution to attach credentialing process forms and documents to provider records, manage a central documentation library, personalize documents for distribution, and process batch communications.
  • Seamless integration with third-party systems to provide a real-time integrated view of all credentialing information and additional data from back-end systems or web services.
  • Sophisticated reporting capabilities for pre-built or ad hoc reports for day-to-day activities or performance management.
  • A portal to provide external users with secure access to the Credentialing solution.
  • Administrator-controlled access through additional functionality including role-based user permissions and data-level security, and audit trail logging of user activity.
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