Client-Centred Care in the Canadian Home and Community Sector: A Review of Key Concepts

This document reviews key concepts of Client-Centred health care in the Canadian home and community sector referencing research articles, government policies and other key papers illustrating practices in client-centred care within and beyond the home and community care sector. Delineating population challenges facing the Canadian healthcare system, the authors discuss the complicating spectrum of meanings for ‘client-centred’. Subsequent review of literature examines the Canadian historical context; examines definitions of client-centred care; theoretical and service delivery models and cognitive approaches; key concepts at the core of client-centred care; the role of technology; evidence-based implementation strategies; and tools for measuring client-centred care. The authors conclude a two-part evolution is taking place in the healthcare system involving a move from institution-based to community-based care, and growing support for a shift from a provider-centred model of care delivery to one which puts the client at the centre of care. Client-centred care successfully applied in the context of home and community could provide solutions for stakeholders seeking to develop effective models of care delivery that meet the needs of all Canadians, as a growing body of research and evidence regarding client-centred care continues to provide foundations for practice.

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