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Journey to Wellness…

It’s the CAPCH mission to assist the growing paradigm shift towards People-Centred health care. We’re interested in stimulating informed dialogue leading to meaningful forward motion, and when I first reflected on hosting a supporting blog I thought it would be easy. After 15 years in the field writing and speaking, surely it would just roll out of me! Then I sat down and started to consider. ‘Where do I begin?’ ‘What am I going to say?’ ‘How will I say it so it motivates people to action?’…Things quickly seemed overwhelming.

My first thought was to focus on the shocking facts I’ve learned about the Canadian health system (all the things that are wrong). Then I did a 180-degree shift and thought ‘Why not focus on all the blessings, and the reasons why we can and should be a world leader in healthcare?’ (Things that are right.)

Then I recalled a quote by transformational guru Werner Erhard: Transformation begins with accepting things exactly as they are, and exactly as they are not. And I decided to sit down in the middle of reality.

So in this blog I’m going to put on the table the real health care issues currently in need of discussion. Issues which leaders in politics, provider groups and all 8 health stakeholder groups have often hoped would just go away until they finished their terms in office.

That list of issues is long, but let me start with a definition of our present health system. Erhard’s “exactly as it is” would

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A politically motivated, provider- and silo-centric, illness-focussed, Western medicine-based, partially-funded public insurance plan.

His “exactly as it is not” would not be a people-centred health system.

Over the coming weeks I’ll examine each element in these statements, and I welcome your input. What are your supporting experiences? Together we can stop seeing them as electioneering scores and transform them into achievable goals: newsworthy not just every 4 or 5 years, but as on ongoing part of our collective shift to a people-centred system focused on health as well as illness.

Together we can help Canadians be the very best we can be. I’ll call it our collective Journey to Wellness.

Two blogs I read regularly are those of Shirlee Sharkey and Ted Ball. Both experts in innovative thinking and people-centred transformation, they’ve agreed to share the CAPCH blog with their own readers, and in turn I hope each of you will explore Saint Elizabeth’s blog and Ted Ball’s blog for further incisive, creative discussion of people-centred modern health care actions.

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