CAPCH Affiliate Partner with the Connected Health & Wellness Project

The most comprehensive project with which the Canadian Association for People-Centred Care Academic Research Collaborative (CAPCH ARC) has been affiliated to date will receive $15.5 million from the Federal Economic Development Agency of Southern Ontario, enabling project team partners to further the people-centred health care initiative The Connected Health and Wellness Project (CHWP).

“The Connected Health and Wellness Platform Project represents an exciting accomplishment for CAPCH and for countless individuals working tirelessly to make a difference in health care,” says CAPCH co-founder and president Dr. Vaughan Glover. “With a very complex network of 15 public and private partners collaborating to demonstrate the value of technology as enabler in the needed shift of information-and-power from providers to citizens, this project demonstrates an innovative model for research, care and systems reform.  We’re proud to have played a fundamental development role.”

CAPCH is a national, non-partisan, independent, not-for-profit organization promoting the need for people-centred health, working to establish standards for people-centred health care, and encouraging collaboration on innovative eHealth projects.  As one of our four key programs, CAPCH created the ARC to encourage researchers to work with peers and leading community, clinical and corporate leaders in projects delivering people-centred health care based on best practices enabled by eHealth innovation. CAPCH ARC’s collaborative strategy allows its members to improve their ability to access funds for research through grant applications, donations and contracts; leverage donations of hardware, software and services from leading industry partners; and gain access to world-class testing facilities (living labs), health organizations, and communities.

Of CAPCH’s numerous successful ARC innovations to date, the progress of CHWP represents a breakthrough in how CAPCH and its partners can approach projects in future.  By consulting with corporate and personal investors, CHWP was able to develop and incorporate project aspects which partners could support both for the public need and for sustainable business opportunity. This process greatly enhances delivery of people-centred health projects through collaboration.

As connector, CAPCH established and maintains the people-centred vision and principles governing the project’s goals and outcomes. The CHWP establishes a clear road to completion and implementation. Through its unique synthesis of public and private collaboration, it demonstrates the innovation possible in such partnerships, which stand to empower change across the continuum of care.

Says Dr. Glover, “The Connected Health and Wellness Project is only the beginning of what is possible when stakeholders work together with a shared vision.”

Further Media Contacts:

Dr. Vaughan Glover                                                              Lori Nave
President & co-founder, CAPCH                                           Media Relations, CAPCH
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