CAPCH President’s Message

Dr. Vaughan GloverA Letter from Dr. Vaughan Glover

The greatest accomplishment and responsibility of CAPCH is not what we thought it would be six years ago. CAPCH’s mission: a people-centred health system. CAPCH’s goal: continued development as the people’s voice and a leader in national health system reform.

It’s been six years on a rather unpredictable journey. What we didn’t expect is that by persevering; by setting up the foundation for this not-for-profit, non-partisan organization; we’ve created a virtual community in which both individuals and organizations with innovative ideas – those wanting to make a difference in healthcare for people-centred reasons – can collaborate and move directly into meaningful action.

I believe the greatest untapped imaginative health resource in our country to be individuals who have been successful, are not driven by overwhelming debt and the need for material reward, and are at some level self-actualizing. Many, though by no means all, are in the later stages of their working lives. It’s proof of my belief that some of these people, now freed of the obligations I mention, serve on our CAPCH Boards. Yet they represent only a small sample of the thousands (if not millions) across this nation who want to be part of helpful change.

These individuals have been through the various health stakeholder systems, clearly understand the real issues, and wish to leave a mark by giving back. While in those systems – quite often as leaders – they found themselves unable to effect real change because it was perceived that their personal realities and the goals of their stakeholder groups were in conflict with the aims of a people-centred health system. Also, their window of opportunity to make meaningful change tended to be limited to the next election or appointment – usually a 2-year window. Not long enough for effective system reform.

Without our organization there’s a problem for individuals who finally get to a position and time in life from which they can make a difference: the political and provider systems are so entrenched and overwhelming that one cannot persevere long enough to establish a platform from which to be heard. Fortunately CAPCH perseverance has led us to a point where, within CAPCH, such stakeholder leaders not only own a meaningful platform but can collaborate effectively with like-minded individuals sharing a people-centred vision and principles.

It’s also now possible to give the rest of you the information you need. We can all then make informed decisions not only about treatment and care, but also about the type of system that would truly inform and empower each of us as manager of our own wellness journey.

This surely puts us within reach of a Peoples’ seat at the health policy table alongside provider and political leaders. And that may be CAPCH’s greatest accomplishment thus far.

As President and a founding member of CAPCH it is my pleasure and honour to welcome you to our virtual home. I invite you to go through our website to better understand our vision and the many millions of dollars in healthcare projects under CAPCH sponsorship which are completed, ongoing, or planned. Share news of your own projects and consider becoming part of our collaboratives. Read the personal stories of CAPCH members. Share your own stories. Check out links to organizations, blogs, and individuals who have innovative ideas and are fearless in contributing them. And join us. Add your voice.

Together, we can once again make Canada a world leader in healthcare.