Personal Health Stories

Dispensing Communication

Pharmacist, personal trainer, and natural health products coach Lee Tuan runs All About Health Remedy’sRx in Woodstock, Ontario, and business is doing very well. For Lee, the key to it all is good communicating. “You learn to communicate with customers, patients, … Continue reading

Liberating Seniors with the Mitzvah Technique

“This is what attracted me – I feel very strongly about keeping people in their own homes and supporting that, and I’ve actually gone into individual homes and helped seniors. It helps them climb stairs, helps with their balance, their … Continue reading

Sharing Elder Care’s Needed Missing Pieces

Kathy Kastner, ‘blogger and curator’ as well as founder of Ability4Life, calls herself a “roving reporter in the real and virtual universe of aging, always seeking ways to grow old with dignity, living life to the fullest, and as with … Continue reading

People: The Exciting CAPCH Core

CAPCH co-founder, president, and advocate-at-large Dr. Vaughan Glover often reflects on the exitements and motivations both personal and professional which a life living and promoting people-centred care has brought. Not surprisingly, the key to both is people:  “the incredible opportunity … Continue reading

Maintaining the Health of Artists

“I have an honours Bachelors of Science through the Department of Kinesiology at the University of Waterloo in dance. A different start already! After, I became a professional modern dancer, and I always slouched. But when you’re a dancer you have … Continue reading

People-Centred Pharmacist

Pharmacist Lee Tuan opened All About Health Remedy’sRx in Woodstock, Ontario right when government drug legislation reforms started making it look like a very brave move. As a feature article on Lee in Canadian Healthcare Network (reprinted from Drugstore Canada magazine) put it, … Continue reading

What My Father Taught Me

“I have many eHealth experiences I’d love to share. But my most intimate one had to do with my dad’s diagnosis of lung cancer.” Alex (Alejandro) Jadad is Colombian by birth, earned his medical degree there, and there, by age … Continue reading

The Human Stories of MyVoice

Along with his business partner Alex Levy, University of Toronto engineering student Aakash Sahney took on Assistive Communication technology and brought it into the twenty-first century. Now their software MyVoice, usable on i-pad, i-phones, and android devices, brings more rapid, … Continue reading

‘You’re Just Getting Old’ and Other Words That Just Miss the Boat

In her role as founder, curator and blogger for the website Ability4Life, Kathy Kastner dedicates herself to investigating both the essential lessons of aging and its myths in need of puncturing. She seeks better ways to see our own or our … Continue reading

Wisdom of 30 PC Years

“It is actually over 30 years that I have been practicing what we used to call ‘a humanistic approach to care’,” says CAPCH president and co-founder Vaughan Glover. “It has been 26 years since I consciously tried to take what … Continue reading