Academic Research Collaborative

  1. About ARC-Academic Research Collaborative
  2. What is the ARC?
  3. Who is Eligible?
  4. What Could We Pursue Together?

About ARC – Academic Research Collaborative

One of CAPCH’s four key programs is to encourage research collaboration on best practices in people-centred healthcare. CAPCH’s Academic Research Collaborative (ARC) brings together Canada’s leading health and information technology researchers. As CAPCH members, they develop and test people-centred health and eHealth innovations.

ARC focuses on practical areas of health care and eHealth: useful, sustainable developments bringing new empowerment to patients and health care providers. CAPCH is most concerned that academic research be applied and become widely usable. Where possible CAPCH seeks to connect researchers with interested business partners.

We facilitate research by partnering with established institutions and organizations such as York University, the University of Toronto, Seneca College, The Centre for Global eHealth Innovation,  the Michener Institute for Applied Health Sciences, the Centre for Effective Practice, Mohawk College of Applied Arts and Technologies, Centennial College, George Brown College, University of Waterloo and McMaster University.

What is the ARC?

Is a group of researchers, academic institutions, health care and industry partners united under a vision of a people-centred health system. It provides an opportunity for researchers to work with peers and leading community, clinical and corporate leaders in projects that promote a people-centred health system enabled by eHealth.

CAPCH ARC’s novel collaborative strategy allows its members to:

  • Improve their ability to access funds for research through grant applications, donations and contracts
  • Leverage donations of hardware, software and services from leading industry partners
  • Gain access to world-class testing facilities (living labs), health organizations, and communities

Who is Eligible?

Researchers affiliated with innovation centers at colleges and universities; corporations; government agencies; and community organizations, who:

  • Have an innovative idea or approach that improves health and wellness
  • Agree with the vision and principles of CAPCH
  • Are willing and able to apply their research to projects supported by CAPCH ARC
  • Are open to forging collaborative relationships with a diverse group of stakeholders while contributing to a sustainable innovation chain

What Could We Pursue Together?

  • Greater support for applied research efforts that advance people-centred health
  • Implementation of innovative approaches that improve health outcomes and resource use while achieving sustainable improvements to complex health systems
  • Knowledge mobilization and/or commercialization of your innovations
  • Trans-disciplinary projects which involve the best and brightest people in the clinical, business and academic worlds
  • Becoming global leaders in people-centred eHealth