Consult on the Move to People-Centred Health

One of CAPCH’s four key programs is to consult on the move to people-centred health.

Collectively CAPCH’s members represent many work-years of experience in distinguished People-Centred heath care education or practice. Now CAPCH offers the benefit of those years of expertise to all interested parties including governments, leaders, health care providers, industries, institutions, and training schools.

CAPCH members also include world industry leaders in electronic health care innovation. CAPCH offers consultation in your move to adopt electronic innovations for vastly improved health care practice.

Canada’s present healthcare system is an illness insurance model, designed around funders and care providers. By contrast, the people-centred wellness model is designed around the health care user – while seeking ideal empowerment and deployment for care providers. In this sense people-centred health represents a deliberate paradigm shift, first in principles, then in operations.

The great news is that while these shifts require change, the change need not be difficult. People-centred care follows intuitive common sense. It respects persons and encourages each of us to do what we’re good at while allowing the users of the services to drive the system. This means less grief and ultimately, less work for everyone. Combined with its emphasis on wellness and healthy living practices, in the long term people-centred care models are therefore also by far the most cost-effective and sustainable. We know. We’ve made a serious study of it.

A major platform of people-centred health is personal Electronic Health Records that offer global interoperability. Globally interoperable EHRs are easily sent or received electronically. These records include patient background and health information, medical examination reports, test results, x-rays, MRI’s, prescription information, and other test imagery. The records are owned by, and accessible at any time to, the patient, yet are readable by any care provider, lab, or health care institution regardless of where in Canada they’re located.

Through its Academic Research Collaborative program (ARC), CAPCH works actively and aggressively to develop both software supporting globally interoperable Electronic Health Records, and related applications that help drive people-centred healthcare to a visionary new level.

CAPCH is a not-for-profit organization. If you’re interested in a CAPCH consultation or even think you might be, contact us to learn more about our consulting program.