Evangelize the Need for People-Centred Health

Evangelize the Need for People-Centred Health

One of CAPCH’s five key programs is Education and Awareness – to evangelize the need for people-centred health.

In order to demonstrate both the strengths of the people-centred heath model and our need for it, CAPCH is dedicated to promoting people-centred health knowledge, philosophy, and practice. We do so through all forms of information technology, websites, speaking engagements, conferences, public appearances, and collaboration with people and organizations who share our concerns and wish to be part of the solution.

The CAPCH executives are distinguished educators, speakers, physicians, and leaders in people-centred healthcare and innovation. They’ve presented world-wide at conferences, symposia, and events, and also frequently on radio and television. CAPCH offers them as an impressive roster of engaging people-centred healthcare speakers:

▫ Dr. Vaughan Glover, CEO and founder, CAPCH
▫ William Tatham, Chairman and CEO, NexJ Systems
Dr. Duncan G. Sinclair, former Dean of Medicine, Queen’s University
Dr. Harvey A. Skinner, Dean of Health, York University
▫ Dianne W. Carmichael, Past President, Best Doctors Canada
▫ Kevin J. Leonard, founder, Patient Destiny

If you would like any of our CAPCH speakers to speak at an event please contact us.