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My Aunt, My Mother, and My Brother’s Jokes

Harvey Skinner is a distinguished public health activist and academic, yet for him Public Health is simply about the health of the people. “What needs to happen is 2 things: we need to go back to the 19th century, when health really … Continue reading

Charles and the Careless Care

The following story was submitted by CAPCH Board member Dr. Duncan Sinclair. It is, he says, a “sad story”, baldly illustrating “how seriously the so-called ‘system’” can break down. Dr. Sinclair calls it “a classic example of the opposite of … Continue reading

Deconstructing Healthcare

“Many of our health organizations are second to none in terms of science and technical expertise - meaning outcomes will be very good. But the persons, the patients, may not be at the centre of that. They’re rather an object to … Continue reading

Renaissance Patient

A driven Renaissance man, Kevin Leonard is an Information Technology researcher and innovator, a university professor, e-health scholar, public lecturer, creative & dramatic writer, and has even done standup comedy. He’s been one of those specialized accountants with the Bank of Canada. … Continue reading